“Following reports that he will be giving evidence to the European Parliament  in May, we would like Mr Zuckerberg to come to London during his European trip,” reads the committee letter signed by Conservative MP Damian Collins. “We would like the session here to place by 24 May.” “It is worth noting that, while Mr Zuckerberg does not normally come under the jurisdiction of the UK Parliament, he will do so the next time he enters the country,” Collins adds.

“We hope that he will respond positively to our request, but if not the Committee will resolve to issue a formal summons for him to appear when he is next in the UK.” BREAKING: This is pretty extraordinary.

Either Mark Zuckerberg comes voluntarily.

Facebook recently admitted that Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed the information of about 1 million users in the UK, and that AggregateIQ spent $2 million on Brexit ads.

Recommends his Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer instead.

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