after accusing the company of lying while negotiating a settlement with the US over – surprise – violating sanctions on Iran, provoking an outraged response from Beijing, which swiftly announced tariffs on imports of US sorghum.

But according to WSJ, the situation involving Huawei is much more serious, since the DOJ is pursuing criminal charges that could lead to Huawei being saddled with a corporate monitor, or even in the levying of criminal charges against employees who are found to be complicit in the company's behavior.

Hauwei is also the world's No.

The criminal investigation into Huawei follows administrative subpoenas on sanctions-related issues from both the Commerce Department and the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, according to these people.

The report sparked a selloff in US tech stocks, adding to the losses from yesterday's session, as trade war fears escalated (though Twitter was also contributing heavily to the drop).

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