The analog continues to track like a Raytheon tomahawk cruise missile, acting with the precision as if its  guided with the same Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation navigation system as the tomahawk.  Sorry for the military metaphor.

It is true most financial and economic time series usually move in a positive upward trend, and the data are often nonstationary.  That is  by their very nature, they will move together in the same upward direction, mainly due to inflation.

1929 and 1987 Analogs Moreover, some of our friends prefer the 1929 or 1987 analog rather than the JFK 1962 chart.

the 1987 bear market was over, from peak to trough, in just 39 days – August 25 to October 20, 1987.

We may or may not be in a bear market and will stick with JFK analog as long it is working, and boy is it working.   Stay tuned.

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