Authored by Mac Slavo via, Online giants such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been known to censor and suppress free speech that isn't leftist in nature.  But it's worse than that according to The Media Research Center, it's a war against ideas.

Among the many findings, Media Research Center analysts describe many of the tools used as nothing less than indoctrination via censorship, aka, a war on opposing ideas.  Such as, how these major tech companies work with groups that hate the right like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But it isn't only conservatives that have had concerns about censorship.  It's anyone not professing leftist or pro-government ideals such as opposing a bigger and more powerful government or survivalism suggestions.

Those who believe tyranny cannot come to the United States should take a look around because it's already here and as of right now, has a strong hold on most of the population.

Anyone who doesn't toe the line and back up the mainstream media's official narrative conveniently packaged and handcrafted by the governmentare all staring at the effects of tyranny right in the face.

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