Hillary Clinton does not have the finest good fortune with obstacles – despite the fact it has nothing to do with her fitness, we’re being instructed once again.

while navigating down a flight of approximately 15 stairs at Jahaz Mahal in New Delhi, India on Monday, Clinton began to fall about midway down. As helpers scrambled to aid the former Secretary of State, she misplaced handle once more – her left foot taking pictures forward while her right leg crumpled below her. 

Hillary’s double stumble down the especially benign flight of stairs comes in the future after she observed Trump supporters “didn’t like black individuals getting rights,” or “ladies getting jobs” all the way through a discussion on the India nowadays Conclave on Sunday. 

Madame Citizen’s fall from grace was the latest in an extended line of stair-related considerations Hillary has suffered right through her lengthy and profitable profession. during an August 2016 crusade cease in South Carolina, a state she misplaced, Clinton struggled to ascend yet an additional unassuming flight of stairs.

And in 2011 – after effectively making it up a flight of stairs, Clinton turned into assaulted by a doorway threshold – mercilessly tripping her as she tried to board her aircraft in Yemen. 

In June 2009, a little more than six months after dropping her first bid for White residence, Clinton fractured her elbow while on her means to see President Obama.

whereas no stairs were involved, Hillary Clinton infamously fainted all through a memorial on September eleven, 2016 before being chucked into a van and rushed to daughter Chelsea’s ny residence.

Clinton’s campaign referred to she was convalescing from pneumonia – which she had no problem respiration into this little woman’s face for an “i am exceptional!” image-op. 

Blooper reel and commentary: (you knew this became coming)

maybe or not it’s time to deploy: 

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