aid conclusion U.S. Complicity in greatest world Humanitarian disaster!

right through the month of March, the Senate will vote on ending U.S. armed forces involvement within the Saudi-led struggle in Yemen, which has plunged Yemen into the realm’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

S.J.Res. 54 would withdraw U.S. defense force from this warfare that’s now entering its third 12 months. as a result of Congress has in no way authorized this struggle, this law is required to return up for a vote on the Senate flooring within the coming weeks.

call Your Senator and Urge Them to help SJ Res. fifty four
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by proposing mid-air refueling for Saudi and UAE bombers and weapons, intelligence, and logistical aid for the Saudi-led coalition, the U.S. is complicit in violations of overseas legislations and in developing the area’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

Invoking the battle Powers decision to end the unlawful U.S. battle in Yemen will make heritage as a step toward restoring congressional authority over decisions about struggle as required by using the constitution. The bill will drive the first-ever vote within the Senate to withdraw U.S. armed forces from an unauthorized struggle.

thousands and thousands of lives grasp within the balance. Nowhere on this planet does Washington have extra leverage to cease hundreds of thousands of people from starvation than in Yemen, where more than eight million people are on the verge of ravenous to loss of life.

call Your Senator and Urge Them to assist SJ Res. fifty four
+1 (202) 899-8938

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