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Ahmadinejad says Iran, Africa wants new world order

AFP: Ahmadinejad says Iran, Africa wants new world order. TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran and Africa wanted a new world order to replace the existing one which has been created by “slave masters,” as he opened an Iran-Africa conference on Tuesday. “The mutual feeling is that the world needs a new management system,” [...]
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Fears grow over global food supply / Global Economy – Fears grow over global food supply. Wheat prices rose further on Friday in the wake of Russia’s decision to extend its grain export ban by 12 months, raising fears about a return to the food shortages and riots of 2007-08. In Mozambique, where a 30 per cent rise in bread [...]
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China’s Secret Satellite Rendezvous ‘Suggestive of a Military Program’

China’s Secret Satellite Rendezvous ‘Suggestive of a Military Program’ | Danger Room | Earlier this month, two Chinese satellites met up in orbit. Depending on who you believe, it’s either a sign of China’s increasingly-sophisticated space program — or a sign of its increasingly-sophisticated space warfare program. A well-regarded Russian space watcher was the [...]
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Russia’s military-industrial complex

Russia must modernize military-industrial complex – Medvedev. 13:27 31/08/2010 MOSCOW, August 31 (RIA Novosti) – Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said the country’s military-industrial complex must be modernized to retain its competitive status on the market. “To retain our competitive position on the weaponry and special equipment market, we must actively modernize our military-industrial complex, introduce [...]
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Massive deployment of North Korean troops

South Korea detects North Korea troop deployment | SOUTH Korea has detected a “massive” deployment of North Korean troops and arms near the capital Pyongyang, Seoul’s defence ministry said today. The large number of soldiers, armoured vehicles and artillery have been stationed near the communist state’s capital since July 12, the ministry said in [...]
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